Lambert Stables is a fun place for the whole family located in Winston, Georgia. Come enjoy one of our upcoming events:

Lambert Stables will taking a break from barrel racing
events for the 2012 season.

We look forward to offering barrel racing again in 2013.
Please check back!

Turner's Feed Center
Douglasville, GA
(770) 942-4832

Obstacle Course

Arena Footing


Pasture Description

     We have 9 separate pastures with approximately 60 acres of grass. We fertilize the pastures annually and except for the drought year of 2007 have a lot of grasses for the horses from April through November. Ninety percent of the pastures are fenced with electric horse fencing.

     We do not run mares and geldings together in the same pasture. The exception to this is we have a blind gelding that we run with one senior mare in a small two acre pasture. With the geldings we have found that when we run them together in pairs, this generally prevents the pasture fighting. When possible we rotate pastures on a regular basis.

     Inclement weather

     We tend to keep all horses in the barn when we have reports of bad weather coming in. This includes thunder and lighting, tornadoes, high winds and heavy rain storms.


     We do not provide training; however, there are several trainers that do train here on a regular basis. There are trainers here that do a good job in all aspects of training. We will provide you with names and contact # s for the trainers.

     We have two round pens that are lighted as well as an arena that is well lit with sand footing. We maintain the arena with an arena plow.

Obstacle course

     We have an obstacle course that is lighted to a point to where you can train at night. It consists of the following:

  • Large bridge
  • Narrow bridge without sides
  • Two deep water crossings
  • Shallow water crossing
  • Texas three step
  • Cowboy wall
  • Tractor tires with dirt (2)
  • Cross tie L
  • Cross tie square
  • Large pile of dirt
  • Small ditch with cross tie sides
  • 5 step pedestal made from cross ties
  • Large hay bale obstacle
  • 8 Jumps
  • Steep bank
  • Teeter totter
  • Mailbox
  • Gate
  • Lunge area over 4 logs
  • 100 foot ditch
  • Lunge barrels
  • Cavaletti
  • Side pass stumps


     We have a group of boarders that constantly work with their horses and study training tapes, take lessons and are doing some great work with their horses. There are several teenagers here that are capable of taking a young horse, untrained, and taking it through all stages of training. We like to call the barn a training facility.

     There are quite a few boarders that trail ride several days a week. You can ride trails for four hours from this facility. Several boarders trailer there horses to other areas and camp on a regular basis. All feeding and care of horses is handled by horse people (boarders) that own and have horses in the facility.

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