Riding Lessons

Riding Lessons 2017

Weekday evenings at 7 pm

Saturdays and Sundays 

Rates start at $40 per lesson

Discounted Rate for Boarders
Ages 6 and up

Haul-ins welcome

Lambert Stables offers a dressage based and natural horsemanship based program.  Handling and caring for the horse is just as important as proper riding instruction. Therefore, students are expected to care for their horse before and after the lesson.  If you are wanting to prepare your young one for horse ownership, we recommend starting HERE.  Lessons DO NOT cancel for rain.  We believe that rainy days are the perfect opportunity for horsemanship and horse care lessons in the barn and will be used as such.

Some lesson topics at Lambert Stables include: 

  • Riding Instruction
  • Handling The Horse
  • Anatomy, Conformation, and Behavior
  • Horse Care (nutrition, parasite management, horse keeping)
  • Grooming
  • Caring for your equipment

Local showing opportunities are available.

Lesson Inquiries please text 678-697-9508

Instructor Tiffany McWhirter

Instructor Tiffany McWhirter:


     Lambert Stables Outdoor Wash Racks | Winston, GA

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