The land where Lambert Stables is located was purchased by Glenn and Alline Lambert in the early 1930’s. The Original tract was purchased from the Lee family and tracts were later added from the Johnston family until it consisted of a 317 acre farm. The farm ran from Pool Rd. in Winston, crossed Johnston Rd. and continued on to Mason Creek Rd.

It originally consisted of row cropping, and raising hogs. The hog business was discontinued during the great depression when you could not survive raising swine. A cattle operation was started when a small herd of brood cows was added along with three Poultry houses. The cattle operation continued until the drought of 1986 when the herd was sold. Some row cropping was continued until Gene the oldest Son graduated from Auburn University in 1956.

Alline Lambert, wife of Glenn Lambert, worked on the 1950 census and saw that there was money being made in the poultry business. In 1951 the first poultry house was added. It was very successful and two more houses were added with the last one being added in 1960. All three houses were fully automated in 1961, when the youngest of three children, Larry, left for college. Glenn Lambert retired from the railroad in 1970 and continued the poultry operation until 1972 when it was discontinued.

In 1972 A horse boarding operation was started in a small 30 by 40 barn located on the property. The boarding was expanded in 1973 when the largest of the three chicken houses was converted to a stable and approximately 15 horses were maintained at the facility. The emphasis was on family fun and trail riding and a lot of work was completed on establishing trails.

Lambert Stables began sponsoring 30 and 60 mile trail rides and 25 and 50 mile endurance races. There were enough trails to where the riders would cover 30 miles on Saturday and 30 miles on Sunday and not ride the same trail. There were trails from these stables to Douglasville, Villa Rica and Fair Play. There are still trails available and you can ride for as much as 4 hours from the stables now.

The stables were family oriented from the beginning. On Saturday mornings and/or Sunday morning, at least one morning ever weekend, the boarders would meet for a trail ride. There was a kitchen in the office section and Alline would cook a full breakfast for all the boarders which included biscuits, Country ham, grits and eggs. There was always plenty for everyone. During the summer they would grill steaks, hamburgers and hot dogs on the creek bank by the barn.

Glenn and Alline boarded horses and ran a cow herd until he passed on April the 19th, 1978. The weekend that Glenn Lambert died there was a 60 mile competitive ride scheduled at Lambert Stables. The ride was not cancelled by the Lambert family, as they felt that Glenn would have wanted it to take place. The ride took place as scheduled. There were close to a hundred riders taking part in the competition that weekend.

Alline, Glenn’s wife, loved the boarding of horses and visiting with the boarders. She kept the stables open until her death in 2000 at the age of 88. She managed to keep the stables open with the help of her children, grand children and boarders. She did lease the stables for a very short time, however took it back over in 1996 and her grandson David Strawn, son of Glenn and Alline’s daughter Jackie, helped her run the stable until Alline’s death.

Larry, the youngest of two sons, who kept his personal horses at the stable and helped his mother, run the stable after Glenn’s death: purchased the stables and pastures from the estate of his parents. There were 12 horses being boarded at the stables when Larry made the purchase.

When Larry purchased the stables, it needed a lot of work. The majority of the stalls had water leaking into the stalls when it rained: the roof had to be replaced A hard rain would have water running under the foundation from one end of the barn to the other. The barn, including roof and sides needed reworking, the pastures, fences and grounds needed a lot of work. There were several operational issues.

We broke the work that needed to be done into Categories. They are as follows; Barn, Arena, round pens, pastures and operational issues. We listed the tasks that needed to be completed in each area. There were so many the problems were overpowering. The following is a detailed list of tasks as we broke them down.


  • Grading around building
  • Creek by barn was close to washing out west side of barn
  • Stalls 2 foot holes in ground
  • No mats
  • Rotten wood in roof
  • New metal needed on roof
  • No Air vents on roofs
  • Sides without windows
  • New front needed on barn
  • Sides on stalls needing repairs
  • Hitching post needing replacing
  • Roof leaking
  • Water coming under foundation and running through barn after rains

Round pens

  • Rebuild round pen
  • Second round pen needed
  • Mock trailer to round pen to teach trailer loading


  • Loads of rocks in pastures
  • Replant pastures
  • Fertilization program with lime
  • Grade pastures in washes
  • Cross fencing
  • Alley way
  • Bull pen at end of barn for turn out

Operational consideration

  • Shavings stall
  • Shavings trailer
  • Obstacle course
  • 5 wash racks
  • 4 outside shed/stalls & lots


  • New boards on the existing arena
  • Sand in arena & round pens 3 to 4 inches deep
  • Arena not lit at night
  • No way to sprinkle arena footing
  • No equipment to maintain arena


  • Install roping chute
  • Add roping pen

The amount of work that needed to be done at the facility was overwhelming. We were evaluating whether to close the facility or keep it open and included our daughter Lori in this process. Lori did not want the facility closed and indicated she wanted to run it in he future. We made the decision to invest the money in the repairs and work that needed to be done and keep it open. We have completed all of the above work.

Since we purchased the facility, all funds that have been earned by the stables have gone back into the repairs and upgrading the operation. It was necessary to utilize personal money to complete all the work that has been done. The building process is still continuing and all funds are currently being put back in to the boarding operation.


This website is in Loving Memory to our beloved

“Captain” Larry Lambert


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